Welcome to Eric Schmid

Welcome to Me

Me sitting at Scott Pelly's News Desk

Hi! I'm Eric Schmid a sophmore and I study jouanlism and it is a pretty important part of my life. Other than my studies I work for The Statesman, as an assistant multimedia editor, which means I take a lot of pictures. The photo to the left was taken at CBS News! Being a journalism has it's perks like the professional Friday trip. On those we get to go into The City and tour different major news outlets.
Me marching at a game

Colorado Mountians

I'm also a part of the univeristy's athletic bands. It's one of my many interests. During the fall, I preform in the marching band at every home game. We prepare different halftime shows over the course of the semester. This year we did five sepperate shows which was a lot. The spring is a lot easier becasue we only have to play at home men's and women's basketball games.

To the left are the beautiful Rockie Mountians in Colorado. I took this picture over the winter break while skiing at Vail. I'm from Fort Collins, Colordado (about 1 hour north of Denver). So, the buring question is "how did you end up at Stony Brook?" Well, when I applied to college, I intended to be a physics major. So, I applied to many good science schools, Stony Brook being one of them. I learned of Stony Brook through my mom, who is a chemistry professor at Colorado State University and pretty well connected when it comes to good science schools.
Me with My brother Ian

In the picutre to the right, you can see my brother (the one in the white shirt, I'm wearing the blue one). I have only one sibling, Ian, and he's four years older than me. We're really close; my family means a lot to me.

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