If you couldn't tell from the photo gallery, photogarphy is a deep passion of mine. I love taking photos for The Statesman and when ever I'm out on assignment I always take a few extra photos of other things, just for me to learn how to use the camera a little bit more. I never want to be done learning how to shoot photography. There is always something that I can be doing better when it comes to photogarphy. DSLR Camera
PHOTO CREDIT: Charles Lanteigne

Another interst of mine is learning. I never want to stop learning, discovering or simply just figuring out how to do something. I love learning becuase feel it gives me a better appriciation for the craft. This course is a great example. Even in the few weeks of learning basic HTML, I have a bigger appriciation for people who are web designers.

Gymnastics is another interest of mine. When I was younger I was a competitive gymnast for about 8 years. In my final year of competition I won the All-Around competition at the state gymnastics meet. Eventhough I don't compete anymore, I still can do a backflip! I also love following the sport, especially this year since the olympics will be happening.

Me doing a Backflip