Whenever I have the time, I try to get some archery practice in. Last semester I took up archery and so far I seem not so bad at it. Here's me at one of the outdoor shoots on Stony.

Img of archery(hobby)

Another thing that I often do on my spare time is to go to the gym. Recently I've been working on my chest game and I have seen improvements! I can currently rep at 135 with a 1-time max of 165. I've also been trying to work on my legs, but the next-day soreness is just too unbearable...

Last but not least, as you may already know from my bio page, I'm also a fan of anime! That's a .gif from a scene from a series called One Punch Man(highly recommended). Among my favorite animes are Code Geass, Food wars and Death Note. I'm always taking recommendations for anime since I need something to procrastinate for these exams!

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