Gregory Petrillo's Interests

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Video Games

When it comes to killing time, nothing beats video games. They can tell captivating tales, build and rely on hand-eye coordination, and enable us to escape from our miserable existences without relying on potentialy harmful and addictive substances like alcohol and drugs.
I've got a bunch of games, and don't mind if anyone sees just how terribly I waste my time, so here's an overview of my activity on my platform of choice.

Computer & Phone Assembly/Modification/Repair

Ok, this one should speak for itself. I assemble computers, I replace components in computers and smartphones, and I sometimes like to mess around with the devices I get my hands on that may or may not void the warranty. Here, I should list the specs of my personal rig, maybe include a picture, but I'm not proud the awful cable management job in my own machine, and to be honest I don't feel like adding more to this.

Further IT & CompSci Study

Sure, I should trust that in the process of getting a degree from SBU I will pick up necessary skills for IT and software development. But I can't trust the modern education system as far as I can throw an amorphous entity such as that, and I rather like independent study in this field, so I spend a lot of time picking up more skills. Be it from online courses on sites like Udacity, Udemy, Khan Academy, etc., or just trying things out myself and seeking answers online if I need help, the majority of my technical knowledge relating to programming and computers has originated outside the traditional classroom environment. The list of recent and current topics of study includes:

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