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importData(AppDataComponent, String) - Method in interface saf.components.AppFileComponent
init(Stage) - Method in class saf.ui.AppMessageDialogSingleton
This function fully initializes the singleton dialog for use.
init(Stage) - Method in class saf.ui.AppYesNoCancelDialogSingleton
This method initializes the singleton for use.
initChildButton(Pane, String, String, boolean) - Method in class saf.ui.AppGUI
This is a public helper method for initializing a simple button with an icon and tooltip and placing it into a toolbar.
initChildLabel(Pane, String) - Method in class saf.ui.AppGUI
initChildSeparator(Pane) - Method in class saf.ui.AppGUI
initChildSlider(Pane, double, double, double, String) - Method in class saf.ui.AppGUI
initStyle() - Method in interface saf.components.AppStyleArbiter
initStyle() - Method in class saf.controller.AppFileController
initStyle() - Method in class saf.ui.AppGUI
This function specifies the CSS style classes for the controls managed by this framework.
initStyle() - Method in class saf.ui.AppMessageDialogSingleton
initStyle() - Method in class saf.ui.AppYesNoCancelDialogSingleton
initStylesheet() - Method in class saf.AppTemplate
This function sets up the stylesheet to be used for specifying all style for this application.
initStylesheet() - Method in class saf.ui.AppMessageDialogSingleton
initStylesheet() - Method in class saf.ui.AppYesNoCancelDialogSingleton
initStyleSheets() - Method in class saf.controller.AppFileController
isSaved() - Method in class saf.controller.AppFileController
Accessor method for checking to see if the current work has been saved since it was last edited.
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