Stony Brook Women's Rugby

I joined the Women's Rugby team at the begining of my freshman year, and I was immediatly in love with the sport. It was very complicated to pick up the sport at the begining, but despite my lack of skill I was put in a game during my second week.

My Rugby Team

They did not go well on my part, but I absolutely loved it. I dedicated so much of my time to rugby last year. This year I am the President of the club's e-board.

Joining the Rugby team has been the best decision I made in college.The girls on the team are some of the best friends I have.

Other Interests

Reading: I have loved reading since before I actually could read. Some of my favourite books are The Lord of the Rings, the Golden Compass, The Sun Also Rises, and Henry IV

Music: I have a very wide variety of music that I enjoy. Some of my favourite bands and albums right now are: Hamilton, BETTY, Twenty One Pilots, Charles Trenet, and Billy Joel.

Movies: I adore going to the movies, despite not having the money to do so often. Some of my favourites are: Four Rooms, Lord of the Rings, The Dreamers, The Avengers, and Ghostbusters.

Author: Haley Smith