The Human Behind the Screen

Hannah Abbott

It's no surprise that cyberbullying has become a huge issue in recent years. With new technology coming out that allows people to easily hide their true identities, the temptation to insult or bully people without having to show your face becomes much too enticing to bullies.

cyberbullying cartoon

There are many different ways in which cyberbullying can take place. According to, it could be defined as sending threatening messages via text or comments online, hacking someone's social media accounts and pretending to be them to hurt others, or even spreading uncomplimentary pictures of another person.

Cyberbullying Can Mean...
Sending mean messages through text or email Spreading rumors online
Posting threats through social media Impersonating someone through their social media accounts
Spreading hurtful images of someone online Spreading sexually suggestive pictures to someone

It also doesn't help that cyberbullying seems so accessible to so many people. A statistic that was given on states that over 80% of adolescents believe that it is easier to bully someone online than it would be to bully them in person. It's so much easier for someone to hide behind a screen and type something rude or hurtful than to say it to someone's face.

cyberbullying cartoon

Perhaps the final nail in the coffin as to why cyberbullying is so dangerous is when you take into account how it effects the person being bullied. According to a study done by, victims of cyberbullying are more likely to consider or attempt suicide than those who have not been cyberbullied. It's time that people understand that there are faces and lives behind computer screens and profiles, and that cyberbullying cannot and should not be tolerated.

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