Calvin Chen

Software Developer - Customer Support Staff

About Me

My name is Calvin Chen and I am a junior at Stony Brook University. A lot of my work experience falls into the customer service department. My interests in computer science include networking, cyber security, databases, and game design.

I really enjoy making origami as it tests my patience and dexterity. I also like biking and like many other people, videogames. Being with friends is also a great joy. I hope this website gives you a good glimpse of who I am.


Kings in the Corner

This is a simple card game written in HTML and Javascript. It was my first big approach to a larger scale project. Click here to see it.

Simple Shell

This is a simple shell written in C. It was my most enjoyable project to this date. It includes all builtins and pipelining, as well as a silly block to SIGSTOP.


Cover Letter

Here is an example of a cover letter I have written. It was sent to a department at Stony Brook University, expressing my interest in one of their software developer positions.

User Instructions

Here is an example of a user instructions I have written. It was written to demonstrate my ability to teach how to do a simple thing. I tried to have a little bit of fun with it, hence the little jabs at my roommates.

Literature Review

Here is an example of a literature I have written. It focuses on studies done upon whether violent videogames affect our aggression.

Research Proposal

Here is an example of a research proposal I have written. It aims to further my literature review, suggesting the next course of action. It suggests a new experiment that hopefully can shed some light on whether videogames affects aggression.

Press Release

Here is an example of a press release I have written. It focuses on the release of the most recent entertainment device, the Nintendo Switch.


Contact Me

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Clover Kusudama

This origami required 30 individual units and about 2 hours to make

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Clover Kusudama

This is another Clover Kusudama, using single sided blue paper isntead of double sided pink paper. This also took 30 units and 2 hours to make.

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Open Faced Tornado Kusudama

This was made using single sided textured paper. It took 30 units and about 3 hours to make. The individual units are more flimsy compared to other ones I've made.

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Rose Cube

This origami can be retracted back into a cube, hence the name. It requires 6 units and took about 30 minutes to make.

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Omega Star

This origami requires 12 individual units to be put together. It took about an hour to make.

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Sonobe Kusudama

This origami is made of the well known Sonobe Units. By using a variation of the unit, I creased extra designs on the pyramid sections. This also requires 30 units and about 2 hours to make.

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Unknown Kusudama

I was taught how to make this in person and never got to ask for the name. This is the design that got me into Kusudamas. This takes 30 units and 2 hours to make.

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Icosahedral Star (Kusudama)

Although this is a geometric shape, it technically qualifies as a Kusudama. Like many of the others, this takes 30 units and 3 hours to make.

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