Past and Current Coursework at Stony Brook University

Fall 2014

CHE 152-Molecular Science I
CHE 154-Molecular Science Laboratory I
AMS 161-Applied Calculus II
SOC 105-Introduction to Sociology
EGL 192-Introduction to Fiction
ITS 101-Introduction to Stony Brook
Spring 2015

AMS 102-Elements of Statistics
BIO 202-Molecular & Cellular Biology
CHE 331-Molecular Science II
CHE 383-Introductory Synthetic and Spectroscopic Laboratory Techniques
ITS 102-Topics in Info & Tech Studies (Artificial Life: Fact & Fiction)
WRT 102-Intermediate Writing Workshop A
Fall 2015

CHE 332-Molecular Science III
BIO 203-Cellular and Organ Physiology
BIO 204-Fundamentals of Scientific Inquiry in the Biological Sciences I
BIO 314-Cancer Biology
EST 201-Technological Trends in Society
BIO 458-Speak Effectively Before Audience
Spring 2016

BIO 310-Cell Biology
BIO 205-Fundamentals of Scientific Inquiry in the Biological Sciences IIA
BIO 315-Microbiology
CSE 102-Introduction to Web Design & Programming
BCP 406-Pharmacology Colloquium
BCP 487-Research in Pharmacology
AMS 475-Undergraduate Teachng Practicum
HAS 190-Introduction to Health Professions
MEC 280-Pollution and Human Health

Author: Hannah Wu