Starting place

You'll find within these pages a collection of bits and pieces from my life. Separately, they mean little. Taken together, hopefully, they can paint a picture of who I am (the author of this website) and more likely an idea of who I would like to be.

As with all my other projects, this remains unfinished. But if this page were to truly reflect my life's experiences and catalog my encounters, then the day this page is finished is the day I no longer exist...unless you are one who believes in the afterlife. I personally, do not. Therefore, it is my fervent hope that this page remain incomplete for quite a long time.

However, by no means does incomplete mean unpolished.  While this page is still in its infancy and much work remains to be done, I do not intend to use the excuse that an incomplete project need not have a "finished" look.

Feel free to take a look around and drop me a line if you so feel. I hope you have enjoyed your "visit" to this digital scrapbook.