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A network is a collection of hardware and software arranged to communicate voice, images or data from one location to another. Networks allow users to share local resources, such as printers or databases. Networks can be joined to other networks. The Web, for example, is a network of networks!

Traditionally, computer data networks were made up of client machines requesting a service, and a server responding to the request. As machines become more powerful, clients can do processing too.

Today Unified or Integrated networks may encompass Public Switched Telephone Networks, private computer networks, the Internet, cable and broadcast media, and wireless systems.

Your Assignment:

Your assignment is to build your own network.  Start from the beginning and make decisions as you go along.  At the end you should have a model of your network.  Here is a simple version of what you will complete:


You can use our on-line computer dictionaries and encyclopedias.  Use the classroom network as a guide.  You may also use the textbook for ideas on different types of networks for your project.


1.      Choose a network type.

2.      Decide on the topology of the network.

3.      What protocols run on your network?

4.      List all network devices that are on your network.

5.      Draw an instance of your network labeling all items on the network.

6.      Simulate one device communicating with another on your drawing.


When you are done with your project, organize into a proposal that you will hand into me.  The first half will be the description and specifications of your network.  The second half will be the detail diagram of your network along with a sample simulated communication.