The Expansion of Square Enix

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With the latest installment of the Square Enix’ game, Final Fantasy XV, is the most popular amongst its franchise. Unlike its predecessor, Final Fantasy XIII that came with a different story arc, this saga contains a completely new storyline, which welcomes old and new players back. Final Fantasy was first introduced by Square Enix in 1987, and is still the most popular role playing video games franchise. Currently, Square Enix has been developing games for both Microsoft’s Xbox systems and Sony’s Playstation systems. Gameplay involves free roaming within the environment including full-on interaction, and a battle systems similar to that of Kingdom Hearts, which is another franchise developed by Square Enix.

The director and producer of this project are Hajime Tabata and Shinji Hashimoto. Originally started in 2006, the director was Testuya Nomura, but was replaced with Hajime Tabata in 2012 when it was confirmed that Final Fantasy XV would be the next follow up in the mainline series. This installment of Final Fantasy was developed by Square Enix’s Business Division 2 studio, with additional assistance from other gaming studios: HexaDrive, XPEC Entertainment, Plusmile, Umbra, and Streamline Studios. The progress that came with the game under Nomura had to start over when the project was handed to Tabata, so the originality of the game was in question, but it was Tabata’s goal to make the game resemble its original version as closely as possible.

One of Final Fantasy XV’s newest features that sets it apart from its franchise is its real-time battle system. Previous Final Fantasy games utilize a turn-based system—it was only until the third installment of the Final Fantasy XIII saga, Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns, that the battle system was changed to the real time battle system. In terms of its visuals, specs, and graphics: it still follows the same character design as all other games of its franchise. While finishing one project, Square Enix continued onto another: the remake of Final Fantasy VII and Kingdom Hearts III . It has been quite some time involving the latest version of the games: with Final Fantasy VII’s last appearance being in 2006, and the latest installment of the Kingdom Hearts Franchise being Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue. The Kingdom Hearts Franchise was just another project directed by Tetsuya Nomura under the production of both Disney Interactive Studios and Square Enix. Gamers were first under the impression that Kingdom Hearts was going to be a spinoff to the Final Fantasy storyline, however, they were announced as a different franchise, apart from Final Fantasy, which definitely gave the fans something to anticipate when it first released back in 2002. The overall concept for character designing and gaming interpretation was problematic because of the different starting foundations between the franchises. Even though character design was based under Nomura for Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, he had a separate pool of characters to work with in Kingdom Hearts’ character development. Disney’ characters already had their own characteristics and storyline to go with, so the overall production in the game was problematic for Nomura.

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