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(its not much...but its a start!)

A little about myself

I'm a "non traditional" student (as they say), returning to school to major in computer science. It took a long time on the wrong path to realize that I needed to follow my passions in life, and one of my main passions is COMPUTERS.

Picture of Homer yelling NERD

yeah that's true

A VERY BRIEF history...

Picture of young Jaclyn from childhood

I grew up in Commack, New York. I have two older brothers, and am the second person from my family to receive a higher education at the University level. I worked right out of high school rather than going straight into college, which was a BAD MOVE. Although at least I can say, "I have an extensive work history.": Jaclyn's work history. I am nearly twice the age of most other students, and it's even harder when you have medical issues. However, I will see this through, no matter what.

So, what are my interests?

In addition to taking computers apart and putting them back together, I also enjoy some other activities:

My latest obsession has been the show Game of Thrones on HBO. I would really like to read the books, however since they are not finished yet, I prefer to wait until they are complete.

Please check out my latest homework assignment about Samsung vs Apple for my class CSE 102.

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