My Hobbies

Most of my life revolves around seeing my girlfriend, doing my homework, and falling asleep, so I don't have much time for hobbies.

Despite this, I've managed to do a few interesting things over the years (don't ask me how), so here's a brief recollection:

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I've been playing the trumpet in different bands for about a decade, and I've performed everything from concert music to jazz to marches.

Mixed Martial Arts
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I did Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) for around 8 years. As I got older and lazier my stamina dropped significantly, so I'm on an indefinite hiatus.

Counter-Strike videogame
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If you assumed I wasn't a nerd by being somewhat athletic, you were wrong.
I spend quite a bit of my free time playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on my PC.
I guess I definitely fit into the stereotype of a Computer Science major being a videogamer.

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Author: Jake Weiner