Author: Jeffrey Wong

About Me


I play intramural basketball and volleyball here at Stony Brook. I also like to swim and run, but most of all I enjoy lifting. I try going to the gym everyday and spend at least two hours there. I also really like to hike; a newfound interest that spurred from my one month excursion in Oregon this past summer.


I learned to play the piano for nine years, the violin for eight, and the saxophone for two. My favorite out of those three is the piano. After coming to college however, I have had trouble finding time to play or practice music. I am an amateur dancer and participated in my first showcase with ASA Dance my first semester in college. I also enjoy painting and arts and crafts such as origami.

Media Entertainment

I enjoy watching cartoons such as Rick and Morty and television series such as Black Mirror. I also like Anime, which are essentially Japanese cartoons. Additionally, I am a really big movie finatic and self-acclaimed connoisseur.

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