My Opinion


I agree with Al Gore on the issue of education.  Today, many of our most crucial industries are facing shortages of the skilled workers they need. At the same time, adults with higher levels of education earn more, have greater job security, are less likely to be unemployed, and are more likely to find reemployment quickly if they are displaced.
Five years ago, 3 million people were connected to the Internet. Two years ago, 40 million people were connected. Last year, it was 100 million. No one knows where we will be next year, but the course is clear: technology is transforming our lives.  With the continuous growth of technology and the internet, dealing with advanced technology and computers is inevitable.
I believe it is important that these basics must be taught to increase children's levels of skills.  Mentoring and tutoring can play a powerful role in helping young people to get the skills and confidence that are so important to succeed.  On-line tutoring and mentoring isn't a substitute for flesh-and-blood volunteers, to help children in their communities. But it can be a powerful addition to America's great tradition of community service.


New York City Board of Education

Remarks by Al Gore