Monsignor Farrell Highschool, Staten Island, New York: Graduated May, 2012

Stony Brook University, Sophomore Status, Information Systems Engineering

Expected Graduation: May, 2016

Relevant Experience:

Built multiple computers from scratch

Information Systems Major


Above average knowledge on computer hardware

Very efficient on windows based machines and on Mac OSX. Proficient on Linux

Basic programming knowledge (java, HTML)

Software savvy

Extremely up to date on current computer trends including tablets and phones.

About me:

I am a person who is very invested in the computer industry. I follow all of the news and updates from several companies such as Intel, AMD, and Nvidia. I am highly interested in a career in computers and business, and I am self-taught in computer hardware.

I am a very fast learner when it comes to technology, and can perform any number of tasks given to me. I am punctual and have very good communication skills with all sorts of people. I’m a fast typer with the ability to touch type.

I built my first computer in 2010, which was a small AMD based machine for 300$. In 2013, I built my own Intel based machine for 1,100$ with a Third-Gen i7 quad core CPU, and graphic solutions by AMD.

I can help customers pick the right computer solution by treating them as unique individuals and assessing their needs. I will not let my own opinions on computer brands get between the customer and a product.