Professional Side of Me

Pursuing a B.S. in Computer Science at Stony Brook University.
Graduating in May 2018.
Currently seeking full time opportunities.

Career Interest

I would like to use my knowledge, not limited in software development, to take part in:
  • Improving day-to-day facilities, such as medical facilities.
  • Solving existing environmental problems that affects everyday life, such as climate change.
  • Building practical software that can improve general populations' living experience and more.
  • Other efforts that benefit the longevity and development of our civilization.


Personal Side of Me


  • Workout 💪🏿
  • Personal record: 295lb squat (weight class:130lb)


  • Enjoyed making this website
  • Enjoy gaining new knowledge
  • Like things to be succinct
  • Like to organize
  • Like plants
  • Like to help people
  • Appreciate art, design, knowledge, good jokes, good actions
  • Want standardizations for products in same category
  • Have a genuine excited feeling about planning/designing and writing new software. The reason is the feeling of accomplishment when my ideas are coming to life