About the Artist


Growing up in Korea, Robert has always had a passion for the arts. He was a painter, an actor, a musician and carpenter. While working in the graphics department of the U.S. Army, he created many logos for them. After some time, he applied to the University of Alaska and when he got accepted in to their art program, he decied to move to the United States.

Robert moved to New York City, ready to attain a career in the arts, and got in to textile designs in the 90's, supporting major clientele such as Caldor and Stern. He also started a professional teaching career in the textile business where he personally taught hundreds of students from start to employment.

With a unique eye for detail and color, Robert regularly creates privately commissioned paintings. He also works closely with interior designers and regularly paints custom tile murals to be installed in kitchens, halls, and bathrooms.

Robert loves refinishing furniture to bring out their disguised beauty and producing custom wood furniture.

"Art is life and life is art" - Robert Alexander