When I find myself with free time there are many different ways that I like to spend it.One of those ways is playing and writing music. I play the string and electric bass, the drums, the guitar, and i also sing and rap. My best friend and roommate has a complete music studio in his apartment, so we spend many hours there writing and recording music.

Another one of my hobbies is playing and watching sports. I was an athlete growing up, so naturally i'm very into sports. My favorite sports to watch are basketball, football, and soccer, in that order. My favorite teams are The Knicks, The Giants, and FC Barcelona. I also play on a flag football team, and have been doing so for 3 years. we play every sunday morning in the spring, fall, and winter. we don't play in the summer because it gets too hot.

I also am a huge gamer. I spend a lot of late nights on my playstation 4. My favorite types of games are first person shooters and RPG's (role playing games). Currently i am playing a lot of "Call of Duty Black Ops 3". I mostly play the Zombies mode. I'm actually ranked in the top 800 in the world for one of the Zombies maps.

I also have a few shows that i watch on TV. My favorite shows are Game of Thrones, Arrow, The Flash, Workaholics, and Impractical Jokers. Since i'm so busy, i usually don't watch these shows when they air for the first time. Typically i stream them on my computer when i have the time. As a result, i have to be careful to stay off of social media to avoid any spoilers for episodes that I have not seen yet.


Author: Justin Kaller