Nintendo Switch

By: John Gomes

For years now, the gaming industry has been expanding and improving. More systems and games come out every year making gaming more accessible to everyone in the world. Sales have been increasing for systems and games. More and more people are getting into the gaming industry and being apart of it. Now there is a new gaming system called the Nintendo Switch. The Switch is the newest console from Nintendo and successor to their underwhelming Wii U. Nintendo is one of the top three game companies and has been on a decline for the past couple years and not being able to keep up with Sony and Microsoft. With this new console coming out, Nintendo is hoping to get back on track and start to compete again with the other companies.

switch picture

The Nintendo switch comes out March 3rd, 2017 at the price of 300 dollars. It is designed to be a console that can be played on your home TV but can also be played on the move while traveling outside of your house. It comes with the base console, a dock for the console, two joy cons that can be used as separate controllers or put together to use as one controller, wrist straps and grips for the joy cons, an HDMI cable, and an A/C adapter. The console has a screen that is 6.2 inches and has 720-pixel touchscreen display, and has 32gb of storage. This console can last from 3 to 6 hours depending on what game you are playing then it must be put on the dock to charge but you play through your TV at that point.

joy cons

When compared to its competitors consoles, the Switch is significantly less powerful and the components of its system are less in almost all metrics. For example, slower processor speed, less processor cores, lower gpu clock speeds, etc. The switch is coming out 3 years after the release of Sonys and Microsofts newest generation of consoles which puts it greatly behind them in sales and trying to get new consumers. Also, when the console is undocked from the docking station it has even less power than before and a worse resolution for its games. Another thing is the storage is small compared to the size of games now, you must get an sd card to put in the console so you can fit multiple games instead of just a few. One thing that may help them is their games that they produce are only on their products and are usually considered very good by critics and the consumers but they only have a few titles coming out with the console but promised more as the year continues.

Console Switch PS4 Xbox One
GPU Docked Speeds 768MHz 853MHz 800MHz
CPU Clocked Speeds 1020MHz 1750MHz 1600MHz
CPU Cores 4x ARM Cortex A57 8x AMD Jaguar 8x AMD Jaguar
Switch Mode Docked Undocked
Resolution Full HD 1080p 720p
GPU speed 768MHz 307.2MHz

The switch looks to be a console that is trying to blend the portable device and stay at home gaming consoles together to be an all-around system that can be loved by everyone. As it seems the switch may be the console to change the console industry. There are still many desires and questions that the consumers may have which is when will the games library expand and be able to rival other gaming companies, will this console be successful and enjoyable, etc. I dont know if this console will be a success or another failure but I hope it will succeed and bring more competition to the gaming industry helping this industry thrive.

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