Jayesh Ranjan

Me in a Nutshell...

I am a Senior at Stony Brook University majoring in Computer Science with Specialization in Security. Growing up with an interest in solving problems led me to the major. Currently, I'm working on a research project developing an iOS applicaion for Stony Brook Medicine. I am also the Head TA for CSE 101, generally i'll help the professor with course structure and assisting students.

In my spare time I like watching movies and learning about about different cultures. When it comes to travelling, I have visited many places including Australia, Nauru, Hong Kong, New York and many more. I've had great experiances around the world so far and would like to add more places to that list.


Head Teaching Assistant

Stony brook University

As a Head Teaching Assistant, I help the professor write assignements, grade and structure the course. Also, I conduct weekly lab and office hours to assist students in their assignments.

January 2016 - Present


Stony Brook University

I am currenty Interning at Stony Brook Computer Science Department. During my time , I've developed my skills in MySQL, Perl, and so on..

July 2017 - Present

Research Assistant

Stony Brook University

iOS application developement for Stony Brook Medicine, under supervision of Dr. Paul Fodor. This was a great way for me to improve my skills in Mobile Application Development.

June 2017 - Present


Stony brook university

Bachelor of Science
Computer Science - Security specialization
Selected Courses
Software Engineering
Web Security
Cloud Computing
August 2014 - May 2018

CSE 300


Programming Languages & Tools


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