Interests, Etc.

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I guess the first thing I can say is that I love science. I love lab work especially, so hopefully that's in my future. I don't really have a specific area as of yet; maybe I'll go for research in cancer, stem cells, genetics, or something similar?

Dexter's Lab

One can hope, right?

Reading. Yes, reading.

I'm one of those people that say they read for fun. And I do, or rather, I did back when I had the time and the books to do so.

What genres am I interested in? Nothing in particular. I do miss the feeling of spending a whole day on a good book, though.

What else?

A bunch of things, really. I draw when I can; I took painting classes years ago, but not anymore.

I write when the feeling strikes: stories, sometimes poetry, sometimes strange ramblings that should never see the light of day.

When I have the time, I also love to try cooking or baking...but I don't usually have the skill to match my level of interest.

No instruments in my past or present, unfortunately.

That's All Folks ...for now.

Author: June Yang