My Interests!

Some of my interests consist of :

  • Designing
  • I love design. Graphic, Interior or Digital design plays a very big part in my life.
    Design allows me to make huge differences in every day life by making the smallest
    and most intricate changes. Ironically, these decisions have a big impact on
    the future and that's what drives me.

  • Painting and Drawing
  • Painting allows my mind to wander. It allows me to open doors that I never knew existed.
    It also helps me to notice the small intricate details within my painting that
    that I could later use in my designs. Painting gives me a sense of liberation
    and I absolutely love that.

  • Fishing
  • Fishing with my dad is probably one of the most relaxing yet tense activities on my list.
    We always try to go fishing during Summer and Fall( before classes start). Casting the
    fishing rod and looking out into the waters really takes away the stress. I highly
    recommend this to anyone who just needs a break.