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Happy Trail

Harris, a dog, arrives at a relatively narrow, but steep cliff. He looks up, and sees a big, juicy bone. Eagerly anticipating what it might taste like, and without a meal otherwise, he runs up this cliff with all his might, finally making it to the top. He leaps, but at the peak, he realizes that the bone is out of reach, and that he is headed straight into a pond. Unfortunately, there is nothing he can do, as he can only go forward so far. He finally falls into the pond, making a big splash. Although he can make his way back, the bone will only remain a tease.

To create a cartoon animation timed with audio that will elicit a mild response from the audience. The beginning mood will be setup to create inspiration, anticipation, and empathy. The song, which is supposed to be victorious, will be stopped abruptly in order to exaggerate the dog's unecessary hopes and lastly, his failures. This will showcase how music can create powerful, emotional responses from people. It will also showcase the importance of timing, and exaggeration in cartoons.

The audience of this piece may be anyone who is interested in designing cartoon animations.