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Welcome to my hobbies page! As you can probably tell from the background, one of my main hobbies is archery. I specialize in compound bows, because I think they're modern and cool. I used to participate in archery leagues, however I haven't really had the time this year, but I still practice my shooting skills every once in a while.

Also I enjoy hip-hop/EDM/Dubstep freestyle dancing. I learned to dance by watching a lot of Youtube videos, and then trying to imitate what I saw. For the most part I think it worked out well, as some people really like my dancing, and say I'm a good dancer. As always I try to keep an open mind and I realize that there is always something more to learn. Thats what keeps me motivated to become better at dancing.

Another hobby I have participated in for the past four years is marching band. Even though it may sound geeky, I appreciate it and certainly don't think its geeky or nerdy. I actually consider the marching band as my second family and so does every other member of the marching band. We're a really tight knit community, but were always open to new members. What I like most about it is the feeling you get after a great performance, or halftime show. Because I know that people always enjoy the show, and I like sharing that feeling of enjoyment with people.