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            Here is a list of courses I've taken so far:

            Fall 2014:
                AMS 210 - Applied Linear Algebra
                CSE 101 - Intro. To Computers
                ITS 101 - Intro. To Stony Brook
                MUS 268 - SBU Seawolves Marching Band
                PHY 126 - Classical Physics B
                PHY 133 - Classical Physics Laboratory I
                WRT 102 - Intermed. Writing Workshop A.

            Spring 2015:
                AMS 301 - Finite Mathematical Structures
                ARH 209 - Art History of the United States
                CLT 123 - Sexuality in Literature
                CSE 114 - Computer Science I
                ITS 102 - Topics & Info in Tech. Studies
                MUS 268 - SBU Seawolves Marching Band
                PHY 134 - Classical Physics Lab II

            Summer 2015:
                CSE 215 - Foundations of Computer Science
                MAT 200 - Logic, Language, and Proof

            Fall 2015:
                AMS 310 - Survey of Probability and Statistics
                AMS 351 - Applied Algebra
                CSE 102 - Intro to Web Design & Programming
                CSE 214 - Computer Science II
                CSE 475 - Undergraduate Teaching Practicum
                SBC 206 - Economics and Sustainability

So as evident by the courses taken above, I enjoy mathematics, and I have a strong interest in computer science. This semester I am in fact a TA for cse 215 which is a course on Logic and Proof. However, apart from math, and computers, I also enjoy art. The art history course I took opened my eyes to what art is and what it represents. When I went to the NY Metropolitan Museum of Art I learned so many things from looking at different art styles and techniques. Therefore I like to think of myself as an open minded person. I truly believe that a great idea can come from anyone, regardless of their education or behaviors.