Semester Course Name
Fall 2015
WRT 102: Intermediate Writing Workshop
ANT 102: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
MAT 126: Calculus B
CHE 131: General Chemistry IB
CHE 133: General Chemistry Laboratory I
ITS 101: Introduction to Stony Brook
Spring 2016
PHI 102: Introduction to Philosophical Psychology
BIO 202: Fundamentals of Biology: Molecular and Cellular Biology
CHE 132: General Chemistry II
CHE 134: General Chemistry Laboratory II
CAR 110: Career Development and Major Decision Making
EST 205: Introduction to Technological Design
ITS 102: Topics in Information and Technology Studies
Fall 2016
CSE 101: Introduction to Computers
ANP 200: The Evolution of Human Behavior
HAN 200: Human Anatomy and Physiology for Health Science I
EST 201: Technological Trends in Society
ARH 201: Arts of Africa
Spring 2017
CSE 102: Introduction to Web Design and Programming
EST 327: Marketing for Engineers
MAT 127: Calculus C
AAS 331: Japanese Literature in the Feminine Domain

Author: Kelly Chen