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Here's some things you might be interested to know about me:

I can play some musical instruments, such as the piano, trumpet, and the lesser known french horn.

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A french horn, for the musically uninitiated

I'm the child of two native Poles. As such, Polish and English are tied for
my first language, though I usually speak Polish at home.

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The national flag of Poland

However, perhaps the most defining quality about me right now is the SBU Kendo club.

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Kendo is the ancient Japanese "way of the sword".

(literally - in Japanese: Ken = sword, Do = way)

Kendo was developed by the medieval Samurai warriors, who needed a way of training safely without risking the loss of life/limbs. Thus, Kendo was born.
In Kendo, a player aims to strike his or her opponent in one of a few critial spots: namely the top of the head (in Japanese: Men), the wrist (Kote), and the waist (Dō).
As you can see in the images below, a Kendo-ka's armor, called Bōgu, protects all of these spots:

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Author: Kuba Gasiorowski