Frequently Asked Questions

  1. General Fantasy Questions

  1. What is a Fantasy Baseball League?
  2. What is a Custom League?....a Public League?
  3. When does the Fantasy Season Start?...End?
  4. What do I need to Sign-up?
  5. How can I contact the Commish?

  • Sign-Up for Yahoo Leagues
    1. Why play with Yahoo?
    2. Yahoo Baseball vs. Yahoo Baseball PLUS...
    3. Can we play a Keeper League with Yahoo Fantasy Baseball?
    4. Getting a Yahoo ID...
    5. How Can I sign-Up for the League?

  • Draft Questions
    1. What are the different types of Drafts?
    2. How is the draft order determined?
    3. What if I can't make the draft time?
    4. Help, My Draft software is messing up and its almost my turn!
    5. When is our draft?

  • Keeper League Settings and Questions
    1. What is a Keeper League?
    2. How Many players are we able to keep?
    3. What are the rules to our Keeper League?

  • League Scoring
    1. What are the different Scoring types involved with Fantasy Sports?
    2. Rotissiere Scoring...
    3. Points Scoring...
    4. Head-to-Head Scoring...
    5. When does our League start accruing points?

  • League Settings and Deadlines
    1. How many games can I play at each position?
    2. How about innings pitched?
    3. What positions will we be playing with?

  • Roster Transactions (very important)
    1. How often can I change my roster?
    2. How many trades am I able to make throughout the season?
    3. How often can I add/drop players from my team?
    4. How do I propose a trade to another team?
    5. How are trades reviewed?
    6. Is there a trade deadline?
    7. What is Waivers?
    8. What is a "Can't Cut List"?
    9. Can anyone else edit my roster?

    What is a Fantasy Baseball League?

    A fantasy baseball league is an internet-based scoring system, allowing fans of the game to act as managers of their own "fantasy" baseball teams. Each team manager drafts, or otherwise selects, his own group of players and matches them up against other teams. Each team's players are stacked up against others and, depending on the scoring system used. For more information on league scoring, see "League Scoring."

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    What is a Custom League?...a Public League?

    All fantasy Leagues are created by someone (me) who acts as commissioner. A Custom league has fully customizable features, most of which you will be voting on sooner or later. You can only joing a Custom League through invitation. A Public league is a league created by someone else or maybe, in which you may join without being invited. This League is a Custom League, so if you're looking for another league to play in and don't know of any, check out the Public leagues on

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    When does the Fantasy Season start?...End?

    The Fantasy season starts RIGHT NOW! You should begin to set a draft strategy as soon as possible, as our draft time is March 18 @ 9:30 pm. Once the draft is complete, you will be able to set your roster at your convenience. For more information on the draft, see "Draft Day." We will officially begin scoring with the first official MLB Game of the 2005 Season. The scoring wraps up with the final MLB game of the season. For more information on scoring, see "League Scoring."

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    What do I need to Sign-up?

    To sign-up for this particular league, you'll need a YAHOO ID, as well as the proper registration information for this league. For more information, visit my sign-up page.

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    How can I contact the Commish?

    There are many ways to contact me...view my contact page.

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    Why play with Yahoo?

    We play with Yahoo for several reasons. First of all, its normally free of charge (unless we play in a Pay League). For more information on pay leagues, click here. Second, almost everyone who is familiar with Yahoo Fantasy Sports is accustomed to its easily navigated websites. If you need assistance, visit the "Roster Transactions" area.

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    Yahoo Baseball vs. Yahoo Baseball PLUS...

    Yahoo Fantasy sports offers a variety of leagues. Many users opt for the free league, which allows for max. of 12 teams to register for the league, free of charge. Many of the options in a free league are not customizable, and there is no prize for the winner.

    Yahoo Baseball PLUS offers everything the normal league does, but also a bit more. Winners of the league receive a prize (last year was a replica jersey, not sure what it is this year). Also, the PLUS league includes Yahoo Stat Tracker!, a real-time updated program which gives you up to date stats at anytime. PLUS also gives you access to your league via your wireless phone. Finally, PLUS leagues give users access to the "Draft Kit", an in-depth look and analysis on the fantasy baseball season.

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    Can we play a Keeper League with Yahoo Fantasy Baseball?

    Yahoo Fantasy Sports do not generally include a "keeper league option", however, as a league, it will be easy for us to utilize our own "keeper rules" while we use Yahoo's service. I will personally be keeping tabs on the keeper situation. For more information on Keeper Leagues, visit the "Keeper Settings" section.

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    Getting a Yahoo ID...

    Visit Yahoo Sports to register for a Yahoo ID. You'll be asked to give some information and a legit email address. Make sure the email address you give is one that you use, for it will be the major way the league contacts you about trades etc.

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    How Can I Sign-up for the League?

    Visit my Sign-Up Page!

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    What are the different types of Drafts?

    Yahoo Fantasy Sports offers several different types of draft options: Live Online Draft, Offline Draft, and an Auto-Draft.

    A Live Online Draft, which is what we will utilize, allows all league managers to login to the league and use Yahoo software to take part in a LIVE online draft. This is the easiest way to get almost everyone involved in the Draft.

    An offline Draft is done when all league managers meet in real life and have a Draft (at someone's house). The results are then entered manually by the commissioner into the league. This only works when everyone lives in a close proximity.

    Finally, Yahoo uses an AutoDraft if most league managers don't have time to draft themselves. Yahoo uses pre-ranked player systems to choose teams for each owner, and the results are given.

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    How is the Draft Order Determined?

    The Draft order for this year's draft will be selected randomly from a hat. I do this, rather than letting Yahoo select a random order, because I feel it is more fair. The Draft Order of the coming seasons will be settled when we have decided on our Keeper Settings.

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    What if I can't make the Draft Time?

    I've gone to great lengths to ensure that most of you can make the same draft time. However, I know its not possible to please everyone. If you cannot make the draft, you have several options. First, you can pre-rank your players and allow Yahoo to select the next available to player from your list when it is your pick. Second, you can allow Yahoo to select for you from their own pre-ranked list in much the same fashion. Lastly, if you really don't want to do either of those, contact me and we can arrange something else. You can also choose not play, but don't be ridiculous.

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    Help! My Draft software is messing up and its almost my turn!

    This has happened in the past and leaves some people very angry. The first thing you should do upon signing up for the league is to test your system to make sure its compatible with the Draft system. You can find a link to this test on the main "League Overview" page.

    If, for some reason, you still run into problems, don't worry. Re-start your computer, and in the mean time, CONTACT ME!!. I will personally take your pick and rule that player off the board. There are several different ways to contact me... for more information, visit the Draft Day page.

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    When is the Draft?

    Our Draft is set for TBA.

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    What is a Keeper League?

    A Keeper League enables continuity between Fantasy seasons, assuming most league managers play each season. A Keeper league allows managers to "protect" a pre-determined number of players and carry them over from one season to the next.

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    How many Players are we able to keep?

    We will be Keeping 3 players.

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    What are the rules to our Keeper League?

    Click here for Keeper settings as they were voted on!

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    What are the different scoring systems involved in Fantasy Sports?

    Yahoo utilizes several different scoring systems: Rotissiere, Points, and Head-to-Head.

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    Rotissiere Scoring...

    Rotissiere scoring is the most commonly used and analyzed scoring system in Fantasy Sports. It involves selected an arbitrary amount of categories, both hitting and pitching, and having each team's players compile stats in each. After each day, a team's amounts are added to its own running total. The team in the lead in a category will receive the maximum number of points, which is equal to the maximum number of teams in the league. For example, if your team leads in HR's, you will receive 12 pts (because we have 12 teams in the league). If you fall to 2nd place, you will get 11 pts...and so on.

    For a more in-depth look, see Yahoo's explanation.

    Also, they say a picture is worth 1,000 words, here is a Rotissiere example from a basketball league, different categories but same concept: click here!

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    Points Scoring...

    Points scoring is a bit more basic than Rotissiere, in that you gain a pre-determined number of points each time a member of your team does something. Examples of this are: each HR is 1 point; each "win" is worth 3 pts..and so on.

    For a more in-depth look, see Yahoo's explanation.

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    Head-to-Head Scoring... more commonly used in football leagues, but here is Yahoo's explanation.

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    When does our league start accruing points?

    Points will start being added with the first offical MLB game of the season: Sunday April 4th, 2004. Have your rosters set!

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    How Many games can I play at each position?

    Just like the real pros, you have 162 games at each position to give your players a chance to gain points. Once you have played 162 games at a position, you will NO LONGER gain points from players in that position. It is important for you to watch how many games you've played and not get too far ahead. For example, if you somehow own both Derek Jeter and Miguel Tejada (both SS eligible), you are able to put them both in as "SS" (although not on the same day). Because they sometimes will play on seperate days, you will eventually run over 162 games. So choose carefully and be wary.

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    How about Innings Pitched?

    No matter how many pitchers you have on your roster, you are limited to the number of innings pitched by all of them. This serves for Starting Pitchers (SP) and relief pitchers (RP) as well as the pitcher position (P). The League recommends an inning limit of 1,250 TOTAL innings throughout the season, which might be changed depending on owners feelings. As with the 162-game limit, once you run out of innings, you can no longer gain points from any pitcher.

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    What positions will we be playing with?

    It has been our practice to utilize the following starting positions throughout our years of Fantasy Baseball:

    Note: Players may be available for more than one position (ex: Mike Piazza as C/1B). You can only fill him in at one position per day.

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    How often can I change my Roster?

    You can change your roster whenever you want, just be wary of a few things. You cannot put a player in your lineup if he has begun his game for that day. You have until a few minutes before his game time to submit a player into the lineup. This Yahoo league allows "daily Roster changes," which means you can edit your Roster each morning, night, or for the next several days, as you see fit.

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    How many trades am I able to make throughout the season?

    There is NO LIMIT to the number of the trades you make in a season.

    How often can I add/drop players from my team?

    You are able to add/drop players from Free Agency whenever you choose to do so. There is no limit to the number of add/drops you can do a day or for the season.

    Please note that if you add/drop players on a day, you must re-edit your lineup to put them in.

    All add/drops will be processed immediately unless the involved players have already begun their game for that day.

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    How do I propose a trade to another team?

    There is an option on the "My Team" page which allows this. You can offer any trade you want to any other team in the league. All trades are subject to approval by votes from other managers, and all trades havea 2-day period in which owners have the chance to protest a trade.

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    How are trades reviewed?

    All suggest trades are emailed to every league manager for their approval. They have the above mentioned 2-day period to either approve, reject, or leave the trade proposal. The majority of the votes holds the fate of the trade in question, and at the end of the 2-day period, the trade will be processed (if approved) or negged (if denied).

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    Is there a trade deadline?

    Yes, it is August 15, 2004. This is the last date you can propose a trade to a fellow League Manager.

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    What is Waivers?

    Waivers is a fair system put together to allow ample time for managers to claim players who have recently been released from another team. Because, like in real-life, not all managers are immediately informed of all player releases, a Waivers system is put in place to give everyone a chance. Your "Waiver Priority" is a number representative of your place on the Waiver list. Upon making a claim to a player who is on Waivers (W), your priority number is referenced. If you are #1 on the list, the player is yours. However, if you are not #1, any owner who's priority number is less than yours has a shot to claim the player for themselves. After a 2-day Waiver period, the owner with the lowest Priority number who placed a "claim" on the player on Waivers, will receive him. Once you have made a successful Waiver claim, your priority number goes to the end of the list (#12). Please note that you can never go over the maximum number of players on a team (which is 21)

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    What is a "Can't Cut List"?

    In the interest of fairness, Yahoo concocts a list of players they deem to be "un-droppable" because of how valuable they are. This is done so that teams from the bottom cannot release players to teams at the top to load one particular team up with superstars.
    HOWEVER, in the past, Yahoo has included names on this list who weren't worth the effort, yet owners were not able to drop them. Because of this, I trust everyone will be playing fair, and we will NOT use a "Can't Cut List."

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    Can anyone else edit my Roster?

    If you find yourself in the position in which you are unable to edit your roster, the commissioner has the power to do so if you allow him to (upon creating your team). This is useful if you are on vacation and do not edit your line-up for days in advance.

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    Of course, if you have any questions, contact me at