Ok guys,

Hopefully this is the last vote for a while...I'm tired of the all the discussion and stuff too, and I just want to get focused on starting my draft prep. Please just take a second to fill out the form below and give me your FINAL say...Notice I have not left any area for comments; because I just want your choices, I've heard enough.

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Personal Information


Email (to update my list):

Scoring Changes

For the past 7 seasons, we've used "AVG" as our primary statistic for hitting prowess. Also, for the past 8 OFF-seasons, we've argued to change from "AVG" to "OBP". Which statistical category would you prefer?

On Base Percentage (OBP)
Batting Average (AVG)

We are switching over to a Head-to-Head format, with managers facing off on weekly matchups. We will keep rotissiere categorical scoring. How, exactly, should we score it?

Manager with the most categorical wins receives ONE (1) win
Score each category as a win/loss (10 categories per week)

Positional Changes

Our Current Roster: C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF (x3), U, SP (x2), P (x3), RP (x2)

Please Vote on the Following Positional Proposals:


How should we organize our pitching staffs? (Note: A mix of SP, RP & P is NOT available)

Starting Pitcher (SP) & Relief Pither (RP)
Pitcher (P; usable by SP and RP)

Yahoo used to enforce innings pitched over the couse of the season. Do we need that in a head-to-head league?

We do not need a weekly minimum amount of innings pitched
Yes, of course we need a weekly minimum on innings pitched (Using the honor system to enforce)


Should we modify the number of Active Outfield Positions?

No, lets keep playing with 3 Outfielders
Yes, I'd like to add a 4th outfield slot


Should we modify the number of Active Infield Positions?

No, lets keep it as is (see above)
Yes, add another Utility position, but restrict it to just infielders (Note: There is no option for an extra infield position, so this rule would essentially add an "I" slot)


We are using an auction-style draft system, with a Free Agent Acquisition Budget (FAAB) to handle all free agency acquistions. How much money should we start the season with?

$100 (standard auction FAAB)

Draft Auction

Lastly, when can you DRAFT (approx draft time = 4 hours)

Can you Draft on Monday?

Yes (Evenings ONLY!)

Can you Draft on Tuesday?

Yes (Evenings ONLY!)

Can you Draft on Wednesday?

Yes (Evenings ONLY!)

Can you Draft on Thursday?

Yes (Evenings ONLY!)

Can you Draft on Friday?

Yes (Evenings ONLY!)

Can you Draft on Saturday?

Yes (Specify Time)

When on Saturday are you available

Saturday Mornings (9am - noon)
Saturday Afternoons (noon - 6pm)
Saturday Night (6pm - 10pm)

Can you Draft on Sunday?

Yes (Specify Time)

When on Sunday are you available

Sunday Mornings (9am - noon)
Sunday Afternoons (noon - 6pm)
Sunday Night (6pm - 10pm)