My Course Résumé

Course Code Course Name Grade
AMS 161 Applied Calculus II A
CHE 131 General Chemistry A
CHE 133 General Chemistry Lab I A
ITS 101 Introduction to Stony Brook S
PHY 131 Classical Physics I A
PHY 133 Classical Physics Laboratory I A
WRT 102 Intermediate Writing Workshop A
AMS 261 Applied Calculus III A
CHE 132 General Chemistry II A
CHE 134 General Chemistry Lab II A
ESG 201 Learning from Disasters A
ITS 102 Topics in Information & Tech Studies A
PHY 132 Classical Physics II A
PHY 134 Classical Physics Laboratory II A
AMS 361 Applied Calculus IV: Differential Equations A
CHE 321 Organic Chemistry I A
CHE 327 Organic Chemistry Laboratory A
CHE 475 Undergraduate Teaching Practicum I S
CME 101 Introduction to Chemical & Molecular Engineering A
CME 304 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics I A
CME 233 Ethics and Business Practice for Engineers Currently Taking
CME 312 Material and Energy Balance Currently Taking
CME 314 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics II Currently Taking
CSE 102 Intro to Web Dsgn and Programmg Currently Taking
CSE 130 Intro to Programming in C Currently Taking