Carrie Davis

Life Aboard a Coastal Schooner

Carrie Davis's sea-going experience was different than that of the Mary Rowland, Mary Jones, or Martha Brown. She sailed on a "coaster" which never went very far from her home in Orient (on Long Island). She was an important crew member on this ship. Coasters were the delivery trucks of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Coastal schooners carried important cargo, often within Long Island Sound.

Like today, agricultural produce was important to Long Island. When Carrie sailed, in the late nineteenth century, her ship carried mostly farm produce. Other schooners at the time carried bricks, lumber, and granite to building sites. In fact, the Village Queen, sailed by Captain William Lester Hawkins and his family, carried most of the freestone and granite for the east wing of the Capitol and the Washington Monument, until they were stopped by the Civil War.