Carrie Davis

Her Diary

Carrie Davis wrote about many things, where she went, what she saw, who she met. She was an active member of the ship's crew. She did all of the food shopping, as well as the cooking and serving of meals. When you read entries from her diary, it is often hard to tell if she is at home or at sea. Read the following entry, and see if you can guess where she was when she wrote it.


Today cooked steak and potatoes for breakfast, knead bread, made Oyster pie for dinner, made a doz(en) stickies, thirteen sugar cookies, two pans of wheat bread, a pan of biscuit and two pans of sweet meal bread, prepared nearly a lb. of suet for shortening, boiled some sauce (pickel) for tomorrow, besides other work. Eve., Charlie & I took a walk up st(reet) - He has been quite busy through the week, helping attend to the produce aboard...

This is what the outside of Carrie Davis's diary looked like.