Mary Rowland


In the schooner Stephen H. Townsend, she wrote, in a later memorandum of her seafaring life, about October 6, 1856:

"...we are tormented with vermin, more so than ever before, roaches come by thousands... and it is impossible to scald them, they move so quick. The flies have nearly all left us as we get further out at sea, but we have some more troublesome visitors of late, Musketoes have taken up their abode on board by dozens and whence they came I know not, they must be a tribe of Ocean wanderers. Oh dear how they bite... And now besides these plagues we have still other ones on board, white crawling worms about an inch long, come out of the cargo of figs and raisins and large numbers make their appearance in the cabin and more particularly in my room. They keep hid during the day time and like the Cockroaches & musketoes make their Debut at night, they crawl up on the ceiling overhead and then fall down in a short time but Oh dear they like to hide in my mattress best of all places and although I watch for and destroy all that I can find before I retire, often I am awakened during the night by them as they drop down upon me and then commence to crawl over me occassionaly taking a nip as their appetites suits them."

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