You are about to embark on a very exciting journey. You will go to the places that the Sister Sailors went, and find the things that they found. You will journey the world over in search of valuable goods, whales, coffee and china, to name a few. Once you have filled out the who, what, when, where, and why chart, you are ready to sail!

Copy the chart, then check out the ezine, to see if you can fill in the last column with as many trade goods as possible. There are a few clues already.

 Who sailed? What did she sail on?  When did she sail?  Where did she sail?  Why did she sail? What was she seeking?
 Carrie Davis of Orient  a schooner (23) 1876-1881 map of route  
 Mary Rowland of Setauket  Modesta (20)  1852-1876  Mary Rowland's writings  figs
 Mary Swift Jones of East Setauket  Mary & Louisa (25)  1858-1861  map  silk
 Martha Brown of Orient  a whaler (21)  1847  map of route  

Bon Voyage!

Where did they sail?

When did they sail?

Why did they sail?

Carrie Davis

Mary Rowland

Mary Swift Jones

Martha Brown

These nineteenth century voyages were necessary, and served an important role in the American economy of the time. The Sister Sailors were primary characters in these dramatic stories of life at sea. Their voices were not heard until historians began piecing together their photos, letters, and diaries.

The purpose for each voyage was different, and thus the experiences of those aboard were unique.

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 Sister Sailors