Martha Brown's


* Look at the map of where and when Captain Brown went whaling in 1847. Use the links below to research different types of whales he might have found. Make a chart, listing various information about the whales. List five whales, an example of one is the following:

 Type of whale Where it's found What it eats Endangered Baleen or Toothed Size Interesting facts
 Bowhead Arctic plankton yes baleen 60-80 tons blubber up to 28 inches thick

Whale Net


Watery World of Whales

* What is a baleen? Use the sites above to find out.

* Check out whaling history, and list five things that people in the 19th century used baleen for. Next to each, write what we use for that purpose today. For example:

Carriage springs were made from baleen. We don't ride in carriages anymore, but the equivalent might be car shock absorbers which are made out of metal.