The Sister Sailors

When did they sail?

* Make a timeline, starting with 1800 and going to 1900. You can either do it by hand, or download "Timeliner" software at

Remember before you give any information about yourself on the web, you should check with an adult.

* Get four different dark colored pencils, each one represents one of the Sister Sailors, and one for world affairs.

* Make a key, for example:

 color  Represents
 red  Mary Swift Jones
 blue  Mary Rowland
 green  Carrie Davis
brown Martha Brown
 black  world events

* Look through the ezine, and use your timeline to plot important dates in the lives of the Sister Sailors in the appropriate colors. Look for the dates that they sailed, when they were born, when they were married, when they died, birthdays of their children, etc. Also see what important world events they mention, and plot those.

* The following events effected the life of at least one of our sister sailors. See if you can guess which one. Do some research to determine the date for the event, and then add it to your timeline.

When was petroleum discovered?

When did Commodore Perry take his famous expedition to Japan?

When was there a devastating drought on Long Island?

When was the war between the north and the south?