Welcome into a glimpse of my life!

First Things First

Hi! My name is Kipa Sherpa. I am a biology major at Stony Brook Univeristy. Though I cant believe it, I am already a junior! I was born 19 years ago in a hospital in manhattan, but lived in Brooklyn my whole life till two years ago when I moved to Queens. I'm an end-of-october baby so my favorite season is rightfully fall, which is coming up soon.

Family life

Although I was born in New York, my parents and my older brother were born in Nepal. We come from a Nepali and Tibetan background which brings a blend of culture in our house. I cant speak Tibetan, and my Nepali isn't that fluent, but I'm still learning!

family picture

A Summer to Remember

Last summer my parents and I went on a tour of Nepal and India which was simply AMAZING

One of my favorite stops in India was Ladakh. The scenery there was so beautiful and unlike anything I've ever seen. I also got to ride a yak for the first time while I was ther!

me on a yak

Pit stop on our way there for some tea

us drinking tea

My favorite place in Nepal was probably Pokhara. It was a great place to relax after lots of continuous exploring and traveling.

us in pokhara

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