Welcome to Lauren's Home Page

This is a photo of me on top of Victoria Peak in Hong Kong

Greetings to my first webpage, created for CSE102: Introduction to Web Design. I appreciate your time venturing through my site. Enjoy your stay!

Meet Lauren

My name is Lauren Ho. As a Gemini, it is said that I have a very nervous temperament since various stimulations and people add to my nervousness. Surprisingly, it actually lies in my nature to be easily swayed by the opinions of others. Five words to describe myself: Affable, Open-minded, Optimistic, Fickle, Self-aware

I will be entering my second year at Stony Brook University, as a biology major on a pre-med track. I seek to specialize in interdisciplinary biology, which will give me an opportunity to approach a broad spectrum of biological sciences. For the past two summers, I have immersed myself in ophthalmology research at The Mount Sinai Hospital, which has allowed me to work with an incredible team and phenomenal technologies.

You may access my simplified resume

During my leisure time, I will usually engage in an activity listed on my page of interests.