My Interests and Recreations

  • Lacrosse

    Lacrosse has been my sport since high school. My commitment to the sport of lacrosse has also given a great sense of pride. My skills as a player, did not come naturally to me; they were built on hours after hours, and days after days of practicing and conditioning. When I am outdoors, I enjoy catching lacrosse practice with my teammates, which always turns into competitive mini games.

  • Music & Dancing

    I find leisure in music and dancing, because I feel like I could express my emotions through these activities. Practicing a piano piece or dance routine enables me to relieve some of thestress I feel after a day of schoolwork and even revives some of my mental vigor.

  • Reading

    Currently, I keep up with my reading of local and national news on the New York Times online resource. In addition, I have been fascinated by my reading of The 5 Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman, which indulges in the methods that we can communicate our compassions in our intimate relationships with our families and closest companions. Another thought-provoking novel that I am compelled into recently is Thinking, Fast and Slow by psychologist Daniel Kahneman. The vivid representations of our thoughts being conveyed through the two systems in our brain: the emotional and the logical, stimulates insights on how it impacts the person we are and the decisions we make in our lives.

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