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Hi! I'm Louis Figurito, but you can call me Lou.

Me in Giardino Boboli, Florence

A Little About Me

I'm currently a full-time student majoring in economics at Stony Brook University, and I work at a credit union on my days off from school. I've worked in banking for the past five years and I plan on continuing in the financial industry when I finish my degree. You can see my short resume of classes that I have completed at Stony Brook thus far here.

Life can be strenuous between attending a university full-time and working an additional thirty hours per week at my job, which can also be demanding in it's own right, but I enjoy keeping busy. I have a few hobbies and interests that you can read about by following the link, and in the precious spare time I have I like to engage in them as much as possible.

I currently live with my girlfriend Nina and my puppy Maxwell. Max is a rescue, and he has quite a story that you can read about here.

Author: Louis Figurito