Courses I've Completed

Spring 2016

  1. Literature: Writing Crises - A lit class focused on novels surrouding struggle, such as 1984, Heart of Darkness, and others.

  2. Intermediate Algebra - A non-credit bearing course serving as a pre-requisite for Calculus

  3. Astronomy: The Search For Life in the Universe - A surprisingly difficult course that had very little to do with the search for alien life, focusing on biology, geology, and basic astronomy instead.

  4. American History Post Civil War - Self-explanatory, but offered an interesting perspective on social issues and how they have echoed throughout our brief national history.

Summer 2016

  1. Applications of Calculus - I like to think I've done some crazy things in my life, but taking a semester worth of calculus in 6 weeks is near the top of the list.

I'm Currently Enrolled In:

  1. Philosophy: Logic and Critical Thinking - I'm not a fan of philosophy. I like the critical and analytical side of it, but it feels like it's just a whole lot of thinking about subjective, inconsquential material. Socrates must've been bored.

  2. Economics 108 - The first class in my major subject!

  3. Linguistics: Writing Systems of the World - An interesting, albeit technical and difficult study of the evolution of writing around the world.

  4. Web Programming - I took this class to fulfill a DEC requirement despite the advisors telling me it's a tough credit. I welcome the challenge and look forward to learning more!
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Author: Louis Figurito