Places I've Traveled To

North America

  1. All 48 continental United States
  2. Mexico, as far south as Mexico City

Carribbean and Central America

  1. Jamaica
  2. Belize
  3. Bahamas
  4. Dominican Republic and Haiti
  5. St. Maarten
  6. St. Thomas


  1. Italy
  2. Greece
  3. Turkey
  4. France
  5. Spain

Some photos of Europe

The photo on the home page is me in Giardino Boboli, Florence, Italy. Florence is my favorite city that I have traveled to, foreign or domestic.

Here's me about to eat the greatest pizza I've ever tasted in the town of Amalfi, not far from the birthplace of pizza in Naples, Italy.


Inside the Hagia Sophia, a building that was a cathedral in the Middle Ages, and turned into a mosque with the rise of Islam. It's now a museum with containing artifacts of both religions. Istanbul, Turkey.


About to eat a croissant in St. Tropez, France. Decadent.


Nina and I with the best view high above Barcelona, Spain in Parc Guell.


Author: Louis Figurito

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