Robots Report

By: Xiaofeng Li

Source: Pixabay

Robots seem like some futuristic machines that would only appear in movies. They are super intelligent machines that are expected to overthrow human one day. These ideas may happen in the future may seem accurate. But in reality, robots are very different from what we see them in futuristic movies. In today’s world, we use robots all the time to help us complete may task. Different robots are built differently to specialize in certain tasks. There are industrial robots, service robots, entertainment robots, and many more.

Industrial Robots

Industrial robots are robots that are used in manufacturing factory. They are meant to replace the industrial workers in the factory. These robots are often able to complete tasks faster than the industrial workers and would make less errors. Since the robots are meant to replace the workers, using industrial robots would cause many workers to go unemployed. An average worker simply can’t compete with these specialized robots. According to an article from The Verge, “every new robot added to the workforce, between 3 and 5.6 jobs are lost in the surrounding area.” The robots are simply stealing jobs from human.

Industrial Robots Outlook

2017 2018 2019 2020
Estimated annual worldwide supply of industrial robots 346,000 units 378,000 units 433,000 units 521,000 units
Source: IFR World Robotics 2017

Service Robots

Service robots are robots that used to perform service for the people. They usually perform jobs that meant to be done by other human. Their tasks can range anything from assisting medical surgery to simple household chores. Like the industrial robots, the service robots are usually make less errors than human. However, the services the robots provide are less humanistic. According an article from Fortune, “demand for service robots is expected to accelerate in the next three years as robots become more popular for domestic and personal use.” More people wants to buy robots to do their domestic and personal tasks rather than do it on their own. Using the robots can save a lot of time for the users and the users can spend more time on other more important stuff.

Source: Pixabay

Entertainment Robots

Entertainment robots are robots that people use to entertain themselves. This type of robots is similar to toys, expect they are more advance and futuristic. Other than just entertaining human, some entertainment robots can also interact with humans. For example, some robots can have a conversation with a human using the data built in the robot. These robots are called humanoid robots. They are the robots that look like human and with similar human structure. According to an article from Techcrunch, a robot called Atlas is basically “an average human made of metal instead of meat.” As robots become more and more like human, we may be seeing a robot on the street without realizing it is a robot. One day, robots may live side by side with humans.


Industrial Robots Service Robots Entertainment Robots
What do they do? These robots are used in manufacturing factory to help build stuff, usually repeat a simple task These robots are used to provide services for people These robots are used for entertainment


Robots dominating the world may be possible in the future. We are getting more and more reliance on the robots that we may not be able to live without robots in the future. As more robots are built and the demand is getting higher and higher, the robots we see in movie may not be a fantasy after all. Robots would only advance as we invest more time on building the ideal robot that could work for us.

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Author: Xiaofeng Li