Novice of CSE 102



Stuyvesant High School- New York, NY Fall 2011- Spring 2014

Stony Brook University- Stony Brook, NY Fall 2014- Present

CHE 152- Molecular Chemistry I: Fall 2014

CHE 154- Molecular Chemistry Laboratory II: Fall 2014

MAT 127- Calculus C: Fall 2014

PHI 104- Moral Reasoning II: Fall 2014

SSO 101- Introduction to Stony Brook: Fall 2014

WRT 102- Intermediate Writer's Workshop A: Fall 2014

AMS 110- Probability and Statistics in the Life Sciences: Spring 2015

BIO 202- Fundamentals of Biology: (Molecular and Cellular Biology): Spring 2015

CHE 331- Molecular Science II: Spring 2015

CHE 383- Introductory Synthetic and Spectroscopic Laboratory Techniques: Spring 2015

SSO 102- Undergraduate College Seminar (Science and Society): Spring 2015

Work Experience

Teacher's Assistant

Merica Learning Systems- Flushing, NY

Volunteer Experience

Teacher's Assistant (Pre-k)

Chinese Parent Association- Flushing, NY

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Author: Linda Zhao