Lin Xue

500 Circle Road

Toscanini College 123A

Stony Brook, NY, 11790



Stony Brook University (Expected Graduation Date: June 2019)

Townsend Harris H.S Flushing, NY (September, 2010 - June, 2014)

Graduated with Honors Diploma, and Regents Advanced Designation (with mastery in Math and Science)


•ACH 102 Arts, Culture and Humanities

•ARS 154 Foundations of Drawing

•CSE 102 Intro to Web Design and Programming

•KOR 112 Elementary Korean II

•LIN 101 Human Language

•ACH 101 Introduction to Stony Brook

•AST 102 Intro to the Solar System

•KOR 111 Elementary Korean I

•WRT 102 Intermed Writing Workshop A

•WST 102 Intro Women's Studies in Social Sci


• Arts Coordinator at Toscanini College


•Internship at Mark Wepring Campaign

Total Hours: 100; Grade 12 (passing out fliers, phone banking, educating the public about various campaign candidates, worked with multiple campaigns associated)

• Volunteer at Flushing Senior Home

Total Hours: 40; Grade 12 (helped create fliers, delivered mail, participated in events)

• Garden Greeter at Queens Botanical Garden

Total Hours: 63; Grade 11 (offering services to visitors, cleaning signs and windows, and weeding)


• Teacher's Assistant at Magic Carpet Day Camp

Summer 2012; Grade 10 (counselor for kids from three to five years old)

• Teacher's Assistant at Wa Yun Prep School.

Summer 2014 (taught writing; tutored 4th graders)

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