1st Picture

My first image was of me as a baby. This image is very significant to me because it was the day of my first birthday party.

While trying to restore the image, I first decided to crop out the edges of the photo. I then did the autocorrect tools to remove the pink hue on the image. Afterwards, I used the following tools to remove dust:

In addition, I tried fixing the background color with the brush and also fixed the contrast of the light on the background. Afterwards, I removed the big spot of dust at the bottom of the photo with the clone stamp and brush tools. I then used the burn and dodge tools to brighten the sheets so that th picture did not look so old. Lastly, I fixed the black bar at the top and added out more of te dangling playtoys.

The hardest part of this image was the big dust particles at the left bottom of the page. Using the spot healing brush was not making a big difference and neither was the clone tool so I became a bit creative and used both the clone stamp and the brush tool simultaneously.












2nd Picture

This second picture is very important to me because it was taken during the day my younger sister was born (which is why I was so happy!). In order to restore this picture, I used many of the same tools that I used for the first image. First I cropped out the white edges of the picture and then used the autocorrect tools that photoshop had; the biggest difference that this made was to remove the pink hue. I then removed the dust in this picture by the clone stamp tool. One of the biggest change and the hardest change for me to make was the background image. In the original picture, there was a lot of dust, the contrast was terrible and it looked blurry. When I used the clone stamp tool, it did not work as well since it repeated the same terrible background over and over. In order to fix this, I first used the spot healing brush and clone stamp tool to remove the dust off a small area. I then tried to use the brush tool and find a similar color. Mixing the brush tool and the clone stamp tool, I generated the background. The next big thing I fixed in this picture was the blanket that I was on - I tried to make it look newer by removing the dust and then using the clone stamp tool to make it look like the pattern repeats itself properly. Lastly, I changed a few things on myslef in the image. I changed the color of my neck since there was a bright light and it looked messy with the clone stamp tool and the burn and doge tools and then changed the pattern of my dress so it looked like it repeats itself by using the clone tool.

If I had more time...

Image 1:

To perfect this image evenmore so, I would have also edited myself in the image by making my skin tone look less pale and also making my legs a bit lighter just so that my baby picture looks better as a whole.

Image 2:

Although I felt like this image was throughly edited to the best of my ability, I still would try to play around with the background color to make it more realistic. The hardest part of the image was the background color and I ha spent over an hour, but it still does not look the best. If I had more time, I might have tried to make it more transparent and realistic and less like a block of color.

Image 3:

Given more time, I would have more carefully added color to the image. By the part where both the sisters hands join, the colors overlap because they were not done carefully enough so given more time, I would have fixed that. Also, I would have added colors to the eyes seperately since the eyes and also fixed the background floor by adding color and the border as well.

3rd Picture

This third picture is significant to my parents because it is a picture of my mom and her sister when they were young.

This is a black and white photo which had a worn out border that my mom disliked. This is the reason why I chose to restore this image for her.

I cropped some of the border and then removed the dust using the clone stamp and spot healing tools.

Afterwards, I added color by adding multiple layers. However, initially, when I tried to do this, it would not let me. Then I realized that i needed to change my mode to RGB mode. I chose a skin color and then my moms favorite and my moms sisters favorite colors on the dress and then a brown color for the door in the background. I also colored in the necklace that my mom was wearing and the flower headband that my moms sister was wearing. Lastly, I tried to clean up the border with the dodge and burn tools.

The hardest part about editing this image was adding color to the skin. The reason was that my layer was not unlocked so it would not allow me to make any changes to the image.

















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