While designing my website, I learned a lot about HTML and CSS. From the very beginning, I learned about HTML tags and elements. From simple tags such as paragraph tags to <div> tags, I learned how to use the HTML coding language. Additionally, for CSS I learned how to style a website with speific layouts. In this website, I played around with the placement of the navigation, the three columns, the colors, the multimedia and so much more.







This is my first time trying anything with coding and website designing, therefore, this was an interesting challenge for me. While I did learn so much of coding, there were times where I simply wanted to pull my hair out because the margins would not center or because the fotter would sometimes be under my left column instead of being on the very bottom of the page. A few other problems that I had was trying to get the entire navigation bar to be the same color; as you can see, I still have not figured it out. I tried the text height, messing around with the padding and also just starting from scratch, but I simply could not get it to work - that is why you see a white space in the middle. However, I tried to play around with my color scheme of red, black, white and pink to make it look natural.


While I did have difficulties with website designing, I did enjoy it tremendously. I learned something that I never had before and I hope to continue learning coding in the future. Recently, a friend asked me to help her design her very own website from a software using wordpress. While wordpress already has lots of the layouts and website designing coded, there was a lot of other extra things that my friend and I can now do because I learned how to understand code because of this class! So, Thank-You!


This Website

This website has a few themes that I play around with. The first being color, I used Palleton to be able to generate a color pallete. Using the recommended colors, I created a red, black, pink and white theme on this website. This websites intended audience was my professor for EST 100 as a final presentation. For this reason, I chose to make my webpage professional with not too much of multimedia. I also tried to keep the layout of the webpages conforming to the index page to avoid looking eccentric.






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