My website was designed using Adobe Dreamweaver.

I used the Div tag the most as it helped to assemble an adequate base for my website.

My most important division was the Navigation Bar, in which I used anchor tags to make each button link to a different page.

I placed an email hyperlink in the "Contact Me" button in the navigation. I also used the target attribute on the anchor element so that it would open in a new window.

I used the Div tag to create three columns on each of my webpages to display my completed projects.

Welcome to my Website!

The purpose of this website is to display the projects I have created in my EST 100 class at Stony Brook University. This page is dedicated to The Dreamweaver Project, which is the website itself. The pages displaying The Photoshop Project and The Flash Project can be found by clicking on their links in the above navigation. Enjoy!

About Me



My name is Lee Ann Santore and I am a freshman Biochemistry major at Stony Brook University. I hope to one day become a physician. I spend my summers working as an Ocean Lifeguard and love to swim and surf in my spare time.

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